3D Printing Services in Melbourne

3D Matters is proud to announce our own 3D Printing service right here in Melbourne. We of course also ship to Sydney, Brisbane and any other location in Australia and New Zealand.

Pricing is simply based on a cube. Our current maximum print volume on a single run is 100mm x 100mm x 100mm (or a 10cm Cube). Just fill the cube with multiple models if you like and for larger ones slice your model up to fit.

Pricing is based on what we call a in-fill level – essentially how solid the item is. By default we use a level 1 infill (not quite hollow, but not solid either). we also use a 0.35mm Z Resolution. This is how think the layers are in the model and we find 0.35mm is good for nearly any use. For finer printers, please contact us for a quote.

Our costing on this, a 10cm cube at 0.35mm resolution, will be $15.00 (AUD) plus postage which is usually around $10 but can be quoted more accurately at time of print.

So what you get is:

  • A professionally printed model
  • We remove the raft and any support material
  • We remove any sharp edges or bits left behind
  • At your option we can soak the model in acetone to give it a high gloss finish

Contact us for your requirements and to speed things along, register as a Vendor and upload your model!