2016 high quality cheap Anet A8 Prusa i3 reprap 3d printer 8GB SD and plastics as gifts!! express shipping Russian warehouse

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Model: Anet A8 / Prusa i3 DIY kit

How to select the ” color ” of your 3d printer

A8 no filament: one Anet A8 3d printer and one 8GB misco SDcard as a present, but WITHOUT filament (PLA)

A8 and 1 filamet: one Anet A8 3d printer ,one 8GB micro SDcard as a present and one roll of filament(PLA) which is 0.5kg in weight 1.75mm in diameter 170 m in length , black or white color in general.

A8 and 2 filaments: one Anet A8 3d printer, one 8GB micro SDcard as a present and two rolls of fliaments(PLA) which are 0.5kg in weight (in total 1.0kg) 1.75mm in diameter 170 m in length (in total 340 m) , one black color and another is white in general.

if you have any special requirement for the color of filament (PLA), please add it to the order when you make the payment.

Note: Parts and printer need to be assemble by yourself DIY


1.Due to the weight-limited control by the POST RUSSIA , sometimes we have to send 2 packages to you ,in this case you may not receive the filament(PLA) with the printer in one package . we really appreciate for your understanding.

2.the filament should be used up within two months after opening package ,because it may absorb water from air and the material may damage the printer quality .

So if you don’t need a lot of filaments , you could buy less for now . and we offer our customers discounts for filaments ,after buying 3d printers in our shop.

3D Printer Instruction

1.Title: 3D Printer Instruction– Pre-Test All Electronic Parts before Assembly A8 Website: 2.Title: 3D Printer Instruction–The Newest Anet 3D Printer A8 Assembly Video 1


3.Title: 3D Printer Instruction–The Newest Anet A8 3D Printer Assembly Video 2 Website: 4.Title: 3D Printer Instruction–Anet 3D Printer A8 Debugging Video


Delivery time


1. All assembly units 2. All assembly tools 3. All assembly datasheet (document, picture) 4. Software 5. 2 Rolls Filaments for free (PLA) Filaments: Black and White 6. 8G SD card ( with instructions in it ) 7. The default plug of power supply is in European standard. (if you need others like UK, AU or US plug please leave me message )

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Color Print Speed


Brand Name


Model Number


Material diameter


Layer thickness


Offline printing



Prusa i3

Print Size



2004 LCD, 5 Keys


0.4mm. support 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm

A8 basic


A8 advance

8GB SD + 1 roll of plastic

A8 premium

8GB SD + 2 rolls of plastic